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Can't find device on network or manually connect to rokuTV.

I just moved into an apartment college complex a month ago, and I'm having trouble connecting my roku TV to the Roku app. There are two community wifi's; a regular one which I assume is 2.4GHz, and then the other one that says 5G.. assuming it's 5GHz. I go on the Roku app, and it says no Roku device found on the network. I've gone on both the networks and same result. I tried manually connecting using the Roku's IP address, and it says no Roku device found at the IP address. I'm assuming it has to do with the apartment's community wifi, but I can see other's TV's through screen mirroring for things like Apple Tv's and Samsung TV's. How do I fix this? Do I contact my apartment about the wifi? Or do I contact the wifi provider?

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Re: Can't find device on network or manually connect to rokuTV.

Are you trying to use the Roku app on your phone in order to connect your Roku TV to the wifi network?  If so, I'm sorry, but you won't be able to.  The app can only connect to Rokus that are already connected to the same network.  The only way to establish the wifi connection for the tv is with a physical remote that works with the Roku TV.


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