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I just purchased the Roku Premiere and so far I'm a little disappointed.  We switched to YouTube Live TV and all I have gotten from it are buffering issues. To the point, I just had to reset/redo everything on it. I like most of the things on Roku and its platform but this has soured me since YouTube Live is our main source of the TV.  So, its either the Roku or the App YouTube. Which is iit Roku support? 

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Buffering


Thanks for letting us know about the issue you're experiencing. Is this happening on all channels on your device? 

We would recommend changing the wireless broadcast channel on your router to reduce any possible interference and improve the connection quality. If you need assistance, your ISP can help you make this change.

You can find additional wireless troubleshooting tips here: ... ing-device

Please keep us posted.

Danny R.
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Re: Buffering

I have 3 sticks for about 2 months now.  All worked great.  One has started the buffering and errors.  CONSTANTLY!!  Swapped out same stick doing the same thing.  It’s not a connectivity issue with my internet or WiFi.  It’s a defective stick.  The suck thing is my husband did not save recpts. So now what rock??

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