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I have an Insigna Smart TV and was trying out Sling on my Roku of episodes of a HGTV tv show and it keeps buffering. The modem is right beside this tv. We had just gotten the modem changed last yr from AT&T. Well I tried to watch the same thing on our livingroom tv and it works fine, no buffering and it isn’t slow, the modem is in another room and we have a Roku stick in this TV. My husband just checked the Smart TV for an internet connection so he could hook up a wire and he found none. I think my husband had said we have 18 ? with the internet. He said this should not be buffering. In saying all of this, is there anything else we can do(beside watching it on the livingroom TV)? Do I need to call someone? TIA

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Re: Buffering

Try moving the modem/router a little distance away, then rebooting your entire network.

Interference can cause issues like this.
C. Shawn Smith
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