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Bottom line! ROKU should have their own Software APP(eriod)!

Dear Roku!  I've divX, playto 3.03 both which talk to your roku, however, it stops retrieving gets caught on loading, etc.  YES you should have a simple app, i mean fff&^% i connected old school LAN rj-45 from router to lan port on tv and it communicated NOTHING.  i'm trying to setup an old panasonic viera, use the roku, lan

roku .2. router .1 and my pc .4, should bee EZPeasy but it becomes a f^%$tupid Y gene created dumb nightmare abyss. there are 2, God's Intelligence & Man'stupidity. Y-ou like many before Y-ou, have proven that.

how about a simple protocol chat designated to work with your product and linux/windows/mac OS.  even simply typing IP address.  

here's a question

how many waYs can the F%$% Y gene shjkhldjk up an egg?  let's billion$ and figure it out, seriously, how fff$%^stupid

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