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Bad WIFI Radio in Roku Ultra?

Anyone have a WiFi radio go bad in Roku Ultra (4670 series)  ?

Having issues connecting line of sight wireless to extender  but wired everything works fine to same extender.

Roku Ultra (4670 series)   to D-Link Extender to primary router. I have reset entire system in proper order multiple times (cable modem too) I have thoroughly vetted extender, factory resetting and rebuilding connection. I have tested extender wifi with phones and laptops it's got a solid line-of-site link to primary router. I have formatted roku microUSB factory reset multiple times. ROKU workes hard wired to extender but it does not with WiFi connection to same extender.  It also does not work WiFi to primary router (which it sees but with lower signal strength)

I should add that all was working 2 days ago and had been for about 6 months prior. Prior to that we were running directly to primary router with some glitching (extender fixed glitching)

And no lightening strikes..

So my question ... Has anyone had issues with a WiFi radio failing on these devices? Because I have narrowed issue down to wifi radio on this Roku Ultra not connecting to routers.

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