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Apps stuck on "Retrieving" Possible DNS issue?

I recently purchased two Roku 3's for my house and noticed that when using watchESPN, MLSLive, and much of the content on NBCSports apps, I cannot seem to stream content even though I can successfully activate all apps with my tv subscription. It is not an issue with the Roku itself as both of them have the same issue and talking with tech support for a couple hours seemed to have no results ie.(resetting, restarting, factory reset, and much much more).

The issue is:
When loading a stream on WatchESPN just as an example, the tv goes to the load screen and the blue load bar goes about 10-15% of the way while saying "retrieving" and just sits there for about 15 seconds before automatically backing out to the main WatchESPN app interface. This is the same for the NBCSports app when trying to watch a live sporting event except strangely I can stream the Golf Channel from there just fine. On MLSLive the roku has the same loading issue, but instead of automatically backing out after 15 seconds a popup appears saying "video stream temporarily unavailable".

Now I also have a Slingtv account connected to my roku and have no issues at all with that application. Nor do I have any issues with other streaming apps like Skynews.

Last thing tech support said to me is that it most likely was a DNS issue and that I needed to contact my router customer support to change my router settings to a very specific code which they provided, however everything else I have connected has no issues with the current DNS settings, and what's there to prevent my internet provider from changing these in the future causing more headache. 

Anyone have any suggestions or at least can confirm that this is indeed the issue? I have Comcast internet btw.
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Re: Apps stuck on "Retrieving" Possible DNS issue?

I don't know why support would have you change DNS providers, are you sure you were talking to actual Roku support?

Once you have the DNS information in the Router, your provider shouldn't be able to change it at will.

Are you doing anything "funny" like VPN or using some sort of DNS masking service?
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Re: Apps stuck on "Retrieving" Possible DNS issue?

What is the "very specific code" they provided? That might help point out if they were scammers. 
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