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All devices connected and working except Roku

Only Roku will not stay connected to wireless. All of my devices work find and connect to my Internet, except for Roku. This is frustrating. I bought four Roku devices and they are constantly not working. This was all a waste of money. It is not my Internet, it is only Roku that is not working. Four cellphones, an iPad, one desktop and one laptop will connect fine to the Internet. The only thing that doesn’t work is Roku. Apparently it’s not my devices’ connection but Roku. 1 out of 5 rating.

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Re: All devices connected and working except Roku

before giving up ....  you might want to read some of the other posts on this topic.   but to summerize LOTS of rokus are not connecting to the internet in spite of saying they have a solid connection to the wireless network.   Most common solution has been to update your router/modem to a newer model.  If you have one provided by your ISP it is as simple and taking the old one in and saying you want a newer/updated one.   this has solved a lot of folk's problem, including mine 

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