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Adding a MAC address

I have 2 tvs two Roku premium + and one Streaming stick +.  Only one of the Premium + sticks works with both tvs.  Neither of the other two work with either tv.  I always get a message to add a MAC address to my router,  My internet provider will not help with that.  They tell me to contact Roku. Reboot, resets with all the equipment does not work. Any suggestions?

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Re: Adding a MAC address

You need to explain what "neither of the other two work" means in more detail.  I assume since you're seeing the "add the MAC" message that neither will connect to your network.  That's kind of a generic error message and probably isn't the problem since at least one can connect.  At what point in the connection process do they fail?  I'd first try changing the wireless channel and/or band (5GHz vs 2.4GHz) you're using.  Post the name and model number of your router and someone should be able to help.



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Re: Adding a MAC address

Your ISP is blowing you off. They are the ones that should assist with your internal router settings, not Roku. 

In the past, some ISPs supplied routers/modems that only permitted a single connection. I remember when Comcast did that. Now perhaps your router only works when the device MAC address is added to a whitelist in the router settings. Without knowing precisely what your issue is, it's tough to say. Also, I'm not following exactly what Roku devices you have. There's no such thing as a Premium+. There is a Premiere+, but it's not a Stick.

For each of your Roku players, go into the Settings/About and tell us the exact model number shown there. Please don't just say the name, because Roku is really bad about reusing names on completely different hardware. 

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