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4630x probs running with wifi for connection - solved see last entry.

So no more 100Mbps connection - just a 10Mbps wifi from down the hall. Roku/internet/about says connection excellent but when I try to use it I get nothing.

I am using wifi to laptop (realtek wifi dongle on long usb extension and 9db gain antenna), to laptop's hotspot to roku. (roku itself cannot see the signal from down the hall - much too weak.) I reduced roku display from the 4k stuff I was using down to 720p. What else can I do to get it to work? HDMI connection from roku to 4KTV.

edit note I can view 4k stuff on youtube fine on laptop on the wifi but on roku youtube app won't start.

later edit: I put a wireless LAN patch from Lenovo onto laptop and it seems to have fixed it. I also noted that there was a patch that windows wanted to put on that it now no longer does. so.....

re-opened: However, when I play with it it seems to have a hard time staying connected to my laptop's hotspot and often seems VERY slow. (laptop is 2 1/2' from Roku)

I get a lot of Rx retrys per Realtek Utility for my wifi connection - maybe 1 in 10 for regular up to 1 in 2 when Roku is connected.

Do I need a new Roku?

Do I need a new Laptop?

Di I need to try to use a WISP router to connect to the wifi and then RJ45 to Roku? (expensive)

Help!!! Smiley Happy

Roku 4630X.
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Re: 4630x probs running with wifi for connection - re-opened... :(


Roku 4630X.
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Re: 4630x probs running with wifi for connection - solved:

solved. I got a Tenda AC8 router($40), put it in WISP mode, put it in the location for best reception of the building wifi signal (near top of inside of door to hallway).

I connected a 25' cat5 cable ($13) from the router to my RJ45 laptop connection and set up the router and put it in WISP mode. Then I connected another 25' cat5 cable from the router to my Roku. Regardless of the fact that my source is now a wimpy building wifi signal, the Roku performs exactly like when I had the comcast 100Mbps connection. Very spiritedly.

All my problem centered around my trying to use a laptop hotspot to Roku wifi connection. The hardwire is the way to go!

Roku 4630X.
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