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2 Roku's, data not divided correctly in traffic metering

We have two Roku Ultra's, one downstairs and one upstairs. They get equivalent use for streaming internet TV, but the downstairs one is currently showing 15 times the data usage as the upstairs. The per-IP data metering is done via LEDE firmware on a Netgear R7800 router. I'm wondering if I'm the only one that sees this with multiple Roku's? The total data between the 2 Roku's is about right, according to what I see when I go to look at my internet data usage figures on Comcast, so I don't think that there's an overall problem, just the way the data is divided somehow. 

So what I'm really wondering is if this is a bug in the LEDE traffic monitoring, or if this is seen with other router firmware traffic monitoring as well? Doesn't matter a lot, since the total Roku data looks right...just looks way off-kilter to me.


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Re: 2 Roku's, data not divided correctly in traffic metering

Have you swapped them and checked to see if the disparity follows the device or stays with the location?
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