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1) cant connect to network (error 003) 2) wrong wifi MAC address given

HI,   I bought my roku stick about 6 months ago and it worked fin. I couldnt find the remote  for 2 months so didnt' use it. I finally found it and for the past few days I can get to the Roku home page but cant connect to Netflix or any other service.  I've been plugging and unplugging stuff all day, pushing the reset buttons (router and roku stick), doing a factory reset etc.  Right now, if i turn on the roku it goes immediately to the Wifi networks page, wants me to choose my network, it checks it, I get 2 green check marks and then it wants to do a software update which is when i get the 003 message (network error).  I cant get out of that page anymore--I cant get to the systems page or the home page anymore.  I did notice before that it gave me my MAC address as C8:3A:6B: etc, etc  - which is not the mac address for my router.    I am NOT a tech person.  CAn anyone help.  My isp (xfinity) wont help me.   Thanks  (going to bed now--this has just worn me out)

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