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When I push the arrow button, it skips more than once. Is my remote going bad?

When I'm in an app and I push the arrow buttons, doesn't matter which one, it skips more than once and I can't land on what I want. Is my remote going bad? And yes I have put new batteries in it.

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Re: When I push the arrow button, it skips more than once. Is my remote going bad?

Probably not your remote.  I see lots of posts about this.  I had it myself around a week ago and did a system restart and was fine after that.  So far at least!  For me it started in Pluto TV and I haven't been back into Pluto since then. That doesn't mean that Pluto is "the cause" though.  That's just how it happened to me.

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Re: Remotes skipping multiple channels

I am having the same issue on 4 device that started 3 days ago.  I have 3 ultras and 1 soundbar pro and all are skipping multiple episodes when trying to choose.  I have restarted, repaired, unplugged and plugged back in and still the same issue on all devices.   This issue has been posted multiple times in the community, so I think it is a known issue without a known fix.


Re: Remotes skipping multiple channels

 I had the same issue. Here's how to fix:

Home-->Settings -->System-->Software Update


Home --> Settings--> System-->Power--> System Restart


Re: Remotes skipping multiple channels

Both of my Roku’s started doing this within a couple days of each other.  I unplugged them from the tv and power source for 5 minutes and it fixed the problem on both.   I hope you’re as lucky as I was!  

Re: Remote not working skips channels

I had the exact same problem and I used your suggestions. In my case the Roku box didn't have the plastic piece covering the front but it did have a heavy layer of dust. I cleaned off the dust and reset the network connection and it's working normally now. Thanks for the tips.

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Re: Remotes skipping multiple channels

Followed your (SVSP) suggested prompts to do a system update, even though Roku said it had already done a system update this morning, I did it anyway and then did a restart as suggested. It worked!


Re: Remote not working skips channels

This worked. Had the plastic strip( for years actually) did the reset and it works now. 
Had the issue on all apps that I frequently use except Kids City. Scrolling worked fine on it. 
And yeah didn’t have this issue on the Roku Home Screen. 
Thanx. 🤝

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Remote erratically skips or jumps over multiple content in some platforms

This is a new problem for me.  

I do not have any problem on PRIME.  This makes me think that skipped items and jumping cursors have to do w new software used on HULU, MAX, and similar channels.

I am using new batteries.  There are no new lights or IR sources in my room.

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Re: Remote erratically skips or jumps over multiple content in some platforms


Some people with your problem, not everybody, have eliminated the problem by restarting the Roku. (Note that if yours is a Roku TV with "Fast start" enabled, turning it off and back on just puts it into and out of a standby state and does NOT give you a complete restart.)

Depending on your Roku model and Roku version number you'll find the "System restart" option under "Settings > System > Power" or if you don't have a "Power" option, under "Settings > System".

If a restart doesn't do it, or if you don't have sufficient control with the remote to navigate the Roku menus, you can also restart by pulling the power plug to the Roku for a few seconds then plugging it back in and waiting for it to restart.

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