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tv licence required uk

hi i am not sure if this is the right support page, for this question


But do i need a tv licence to use the roku device or what channels cant i watch? 

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Re: tv licence required uk

I don't live in the UK, but from what I understand the UK requires a license for each TV, not the device(s) connected to the set. Apparently this license is what funds the BBC. 


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Re: tv licence required uk

thanks, the licence people say "live tv" so i am not sure yet

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Re: tv licence required uk

You DO NOT need a TV licence in the UK if you have any streaming boxes (including ROKU).  It is the content you watch that may be subject to a TV licence.  BBC Iplayer also requires you to have a TV licence if you watch any of that rubbish, regardless of any content being live or not.

Any App that has a LIVE channel requires a licence if you watch it.  If you don't watch the live content then fine - you don't need a licence.

If you are watching any 'Live' publicly broadcast streams then you need a licence in the UK.

The UK TV licence is not based on how many TVs you have - it is based on each household regardless of how many TVs you have.

Example 1:  On YouTube, most of the uploaded content is viewable without the need for a licence - BUT there are some channels like 'Sky News Live' shown on YouTube.  You cannot watch any live channels like this where the content is simultaneously being publicly broadcast live.  You can watch any clips that have been uploaded later or snippets or catch up news no problem, just nothing that says LIVE.

Example 2:  If you subscribe and pay for BT Sports separately, you still need a TV licence even if you are paying for it, because it is a live broadcast.

Anything on catchup is fine (except BBC Iplayer), so knock yourself out.