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I have Blue Tooth speakers but my Roku cannot find them.  Do you have to have specific Roku  (i.e., not just any) Bluetooth speakers to connect to your Roku TV?

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Re: speakers

I don't believe Roku can connect to Bluetooth speakers. Roku sells a set of wireless speakers that work with Roku TV, but I believe you'll be out of luck with any other wireless speakers.
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Re: speakers

Only one Roku has ever had Bluetooth support (the ancient 2 XS), and it was only for the remote. It would not connect to speakers via BT. To my knowledge, the Roku TVs are the only product that can connect to wireless speakers, but I believe these speakers are WiFi Direct, same as the remotes. I can't find any documentation that any Roku supports BT audio in any form.

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Level 13

Re: speakers

You could get a Bluetooth transmitter with a 2.5mm input, and hook it up to your TV.. Then, any audio normally output by the TV would go thru any Bluetooth device (in this case, speakers) paired with your transmitter.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Re: speakers

Roku has made sure to get double the money when it comes to speakers and their Roku TVs. They have ensured that the only thing you can use are their Roku speakers which are 2 to 3 times the price and have terrible reviews. I have a wireless sound bar and not only can I not connected via Bluetooth but it also does not connect any other way to the television. The only thing I found that works is downloading the Roku app on your phone and using it like a pair of headphones but even now even that has a terrible connection.  Had I known this about Roku TVs I never would’ve bought one there worse than Apple when it comes to making sure that you only buy their products. 

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