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roku express+ composite/audio socket uses

I don't want to have to turn on my big HDMI tv to listen to Pandora.
Could I simply connect my 3.5 mm stereo speaker input plug (a buffered hi impedance input) into the express+ composite/audio output jack
in order to produce sound to my speaker system.  This would be a sweet option!
The plugs seem compatible(?) for the audio rings, but the composite signal output would be shorted probably.
[see raspberry pi plug schematic...  ]
Would shorting of the roku composite output be a fatal overdrive output problem?
Usually these outputs are about 1k ohm impedance, to protect the analog output drivers from accidental shorts etc., and so would not be a problem.
Are there any roku engineers or technicians out there who could answer this question.
Not willing to risk it yet...but it would be a nice option.

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Re: roku express+ composite/audio socket uses

I've never owned a Roku with analog outputs (I think). Didn't it come with an analog cable that you can use the RCA L/R jacks? You can't hook them straight to speakers, since the Roku has no audio amp, but I think you know that. If you don't have the cables it came with, I would try to find out the precise pin-out of the jack, and make sure you don't mess with the video portion. Don't think it would break something, but better safe than sorry.
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Re: roku express+ composite/audio socket uses

The older models did work, but from what I've read the newer models will not output to both.

Try, it won't hurt anything.
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