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power only message

I am setting up a Roku streaming stick + to and older LG TV model 47LH40 and using a splitter to be able to switch back and forth from Spectrum cable to Roku.  I was able to easily get the Roku set up and working well.  I powered off Roku from the remote and TV went white with floating message power only V04.30.00.  Could not use TV remote to control anything and luckily found some posts online how to reset the TV and get it working again.  Now afraid to turn Roku on! What am I doing wrong? Do I leave the remote as is and just toggle back the splitter to watch cable?

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Re: power only message

A couple of questions...  What do you mean by "I powered off Roku from the remote"?  Rokus (other than TVs) can't be powered off.  And secondly, why are you using a splitter?  Doesn't that TV have four HDMI inputs?

There do appear to be plenty of reports with that problem with LG TVs, but I've seen it blamed on everything form something failing in the TV to some kind of strange remote signal being sent to the TV.

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