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live tv on roku premiere plus?

Is it possible to watch live TV on a Roku premiere plus without paying for an underlying TV service provider plan?  I was a subaccount user on my children's father's Verizon Fios account, but he passed away this summer, and his account was recently disconnected, so I'm unable to watch live TV.  When I contacted Verizon to open my own account, they told me I didn't need it with a Roku.   On the Roku website, it has instructions for opting into live TV service but that isn't an option in my menu.  On the tutorial ("tips and tricks") that I can watch on my menu, it also offers a suggestion - scrolling over to antenna TV (and I am connected to an antenna) - but that also isn't an option in my menu.  Do I need to purchase a TV service plan to watch live TV?  I just need clarification on this, and it's nowhere to be found on the Roku website, and I can't find a number to call Roku because they tell me I'm not allowed to get agent support.  !!!!?!?!?!!   Thanks!

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Re: live tv on roku premiere plus?

Check out Locast if youre lucky your in one of their areas.

They are a non-profit and only ask for an optional and minimal donation.

Otherwise a good Digital Antenna can work fine.

And then of course the paid/Premium Channels.


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