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initial set up

Neither of my TVs have ROKU as an option or app. Am I correct in assuming that I need to purchase a ROKU device with a USB adapter.  Plug in then find it on the TV and enable it, then go from there ?  Want to get rid of DISH asap. Need help in setting so I can use either ROKU or HULU. From what I see HULU can be purchase and used through ROKU...true/untrue ?



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Re: initial set up

Don't let the USB port confuse things.  Some Rokus use a USB port for power, but that's it, and even with those it's recommended to not use your TV's USB port (if it has one).  Are your TVs flat screens with HDMI ports?  That's the connection to your TV.  Roku isn't a service like Hulu, although there is "The Roku Channel" which has quite a bit of ad-supported content and premium (paid-for) content.   Roku is just the platform for other providers to utilize.  Think of it as a tiny computer that connects to your TV because that's pretty much what it is.  Whenever possible I recommend subscribing to a service (like Hulu) directly and avoid paying for something through Roku (just peruse the Accounts, Billing, & Orders section to find out why).

And... if you get one remember it's free to activate.  If anyone tells you otherwise run far, run fast!

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Re: initial set up

Thanks for the reply. Both of my TVs had HDMI input.  So, in order to receive HULU, I can purchase a Roku adapter, then sign on through it ?


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