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how to set up Roku Ultra for 4K HDMI direct to TV with audio streamed to AV receiver?

I need advice. 

If I connect my Roku Ultra direct to my AV Receiver (AVR) to get 7:1 surround sound, I don't get 4K video b/c my AVR is too far away from my TV. I have an 20ft HDMI from my AVR to TV and it doesn't seem to transmit 4K. I am not sure if that is due to older HDMI cable or length.

Instead, I currently have my Roku connected directly via HDMI to my TV so I can get 4K video but I don't get any surround sound b/c there is no output connection from my Roku to my AVR. Is there a way I could stream the audio signal wireless to my AVR from the Roku Ultra? or possibly from the TV to the AVR?

How can I get surround along with 4K from the Roku (series 4661)?

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