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hdmi switch

My new samsung tv has only two hdmi

I was told to get a hdmi switch which i got.  It has hdmi out X1 and in X5

I cannot solve hook up issues for:  the tv; att uverse cable box; my dvd recorder/player and ruku = stick

I have altrready tried the hdmi from back of tv to the hdmi out on the switch but still cannot make use of all:  tv, cable/dvd recorder and ruku

seems like should be simple to be able to do all but all my googles and checks are not solving. can anyone help?  Thanks alot

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Level 21

Re: hdmi switch

There should be one HDMI cable that runs from the switch to the TV. It shouldn't matter which HDMI jack in the TV you use, but make sure you are using the jack on the switch that is labeled as output. For the inputs, again it should not matter which device connects to which input. Just make sure they are the input jacks, and the output jack is the one feeding the TV.

I am assuming the HDMI switch doesn't require power. If it does, naturally make sure it's plugged in. All the connections should be made with everything powered off. This includes the TV and all the devices you are connecting. Power up the switch first (if it's powered), then the TV, then the other devices. 

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Level 12

Re: hdmi switch

Usually, one HDMI goes to your U-Verse box to the one HDMI port and the other from the Roku device to your other HDMI port. 

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