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device no signal

My Roku Stick stopped working. I put new batteries in the remote, did a reset on the stick, went through activation steps, got the All Done screen...and that's where everything stopped. Reset router, unplugged stick, waited five minutes, plugged stick back in. Now I get "no signal" which is what I had before reset. ARGH! I think its time for a class action against Roku for not providing true technical support. This is the only company I deal with that has no live customer support.

IF anyone has any other ideas, plmk. Thanks

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Re: device no signal

@jarmysc, your issue has absolutely nothing to do with this thread.  You should have started your own topic.  That being said, if you're using your TV's USB port, try the supplied power adapter.  If you're already doing that, start a new topic in the appropriate area:

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