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Will 4K signal flow through my outdated Yamaha Receiver if I use 4k HDMI Cables

I just purchased a Roku Ultra LT 4k device to replace my old Roku 3, because I just upgraded my 1080p tv to a Samsung Q70 4k TV.  I run my Roku and direct TV through a 15 year old Yamaha home stereo receiver.  I have a HDCP 2.2 Premium high speed HDMI Cable running from my Yamaha receiver to the TV, but I only had a standard HDMI cable going from my new Roku to the Receiver.  During set up it correctly identified the connection as 1080p.  If I purchase an additional HDCP 2.2 Premium high speed HDMI Cable to patch my Roku into the old Yamaha receiver, will I get a premium 4k signal on my TV, or will the path through that received dumb it down to 1080p? 


Also the set up indicated that there were four levels of 4K TV's, tow based on 30 Hrtz and two based on 60 Hrtz.  How can I determine which one my Samsung IS?  I looked at the specifications section in the owners manual, but it did not say  Thanks!

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Re: Will 4K signal flow through my outdated Yamaha Receiver if I use 4k HDMI Cables

A different cable will probably not make a difference. If the receiver does not support 4K, then it's unlikely to pass through. The HDCP handshaking typically needs to authorize all devices passing through, and that includes the various capabilities.

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