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Went from in love to getting a divorce

I’ve went from being in love to about to get a divorce.   Roku worked great than 3 days ago it just disconnected from the internet.   I’ve tried calling the cable company.  Signal strong.   Tired every YouTube video .   Nothing .   Oh also there is no one to contact at Roku.   No email .  No one to answer phones.    Shame shame roku, might have just lost a customer for life.  I even tired to DM them on their IG page @rokuplayer.  Maybe if they get enough DMs they will listen and help 

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Re: Went from in love to getting a divorce

What Model number?

Are you trying to connect wirelessly?

Are you having trouble logging in?

Does it  show a wifi signal on list?

How far from router?

Did you check the air pressure?

Did you restart the device?

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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