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Total Newbie Questions

Everyone seems to have different situations and questions. We are three oldsters (76, 77, and 78), all with pretty strong technical backgrounds, living in the same house and with very different viewing habits. We are trying to get off cable and I have already blown away a couple of days researching these questions and would appreciate some help.

We have four relatively modern TVs all on the same home network with healthy bandwidth. One is in a motorhome and when we are away in it, we operate on a Verizon JetPack. Here are our initial questions:

1) I assume we need separate remotes for each TV, but do we need separate Roku units for each TV?

2) One of us has an old Roku2 that still works. Is there any problem mixing that one with new ones.

3) We want to be able to watch a broad variety of programming including news channels, Weather Channel, local news, old movies, reruns of comedy shows like Big Bang Theory, a few current drama shows like The Good Doctor, etc., and Animal Planet. The only sports we watch are motor racing, particularly Formula 1 and the Indy 500. No movies. It appears that the best content streaming for us would be Hulu Live (the one with no ads and unlimited concurrent TVs), though we are open to other suggestions.

4) Most of the time we will be watching on the Roku, but occasionally someone might want to watch on their phone or computer. Are there any complications with that we should know about?

5) Anything we should think about? I'm not having any luck getting my mind around the information on your website.


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Re: Total Newbie Questions


Thanks for the inquiry.

Hope this will bring some clarity to the questions you are asking:

1) You will need a Roku device for each TV (unless they are a Roku TV), assuming that you all may be watching at the same time. 

2) Are all of the Roku devices going to attached to the same Roku account? Regardless of the answer, having an older device will not affect the other devices even if they are newer. Please be aware that if all of the devices are linked to the same account, all of the channels will be the same on all of the devices that the channels are supported on. It's possible that some of the channels may no longer support the older device.

3) In regards to channels, you can browser the Roku Channel Store online to see what channels are best suited for your needs. Specific shows can be found using the Search function in the Roku Home screen.

4) The only content that you will be able to watch not using the Roku device will be content through The Roku Channel.

We would definitely recommend checking out our Support pages for more information about the above as well as plenty more about Roku here:


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