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TCL Roku TV Won't Turn On

We have a built-in TCL Roku tv that's on the back patio safe away from water and such. Because it's rarely used, except during the summer, it's normally unplugged. However, when I plug it in, the bottom light under the logo flashes white a few times then stops. It would go a bright white, dim, flash a few times then stop. I can get no response from the tv. From the remote and from the back. I've tried resetting via the button in the back but to no avail. It's a couple of years old too. And I don't know the model/serial. Just wondering what I can do to fix it or should I just chuck it in the trash. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: TCL Roku TV Won't Turn On

Contact TCL.  Roku doesn't make the TVs, they just supply the software.

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