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Shared ROKU at family cabin

I wish to put a ROKU in a family cabin shared by extended family at different times.  The local internet is marginally fast enough, but TV is currently limited to over-the-air channels.  No plans on adding paid TV services.

Since I have to supply a credit card number to set up a ROKU unit, I don't want to end up paying for extended family members buying content billed to me.  Worst-case scenario is a guest binge-watching several seasons of a series at $3 an episode on my dimes.  Not out of malice, of course, just "oh, I'll pay him back".

FWIW, the plan is to put my current Premier+ model 4630X unit in the cabin, and get an upgrade for home.

As I currently understand things I can set 2 financial "firewalls", one is to require a pin for purchases, and the other is to set the unit to Guest Mode.

Question 1:   Any other financial "firewalls" available?

Question 2:  If I set a pin requirement and Guest Mode, or other settings, on the family cabin ROKU, will both those settings be unique to that unit, or will they be applied to my account and therefor affect my other ROKU here at home?

Question 3: I am not familiar with Guest Mode, is it relatively simple for guests to access their own Netflix, Amazon, Redbox, or cable channel accounts?  I do see that they will be automatically signed out. 

Thanks to all in advance.

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Re: Shared ROKU at family cabin

Setting a pin for Roku takes care of channels that use the roku check out like Roku Ch and Fandango Now. But doesn't effect the likes of Amazon, Vudu, and now Apple tv, with those you have to set a pin for each service. With Vudu just erasing the channel and restating it, after signing in the pin is erased, and all shows are open for purchase freely.