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Help getting started with Roku devices, including setup, connecting your device to your TV, linking a Roku device to your account at, adding channels, subscribing to services, and more.
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Setup without adding 37 channels (I don't want)?

I've gone through the linking process 4 or 5 times now, making sure I DID NOT select any channels to be added.  They were anyway.  I did it with options checked and unchecked.  Nothing different.  What gives?

To the question about subscription streaming services, I checked all, I check some I check none.  They all got installed anyway.  I don't want these channels.  Removing them crashes the TV.  What the **bleep**?!

If I can't setup MY TV without these channels being added, then why ask me?  Asking makes it seem like it's not required.  If its required, just do it! AND STOP WASTING MY TIME!!!

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Level 7

Re: Setup without adding 37 channels (I don't want)?

Honestly, I don't even want this question answered.  I just want Disney+ to go away.  Down with The Mouse!

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