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Setting up a used roku from another person

How do I setup link and set pin on a unit  I got from a garage sale

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Setting up a used roku from another person


Thanks for letting us know about the issue that you are experiencing.

We would recommend try performing a factory reset on your device. This will reset all settings and return your Roku device to a state ready for initial setup. For information on how to factory reset a Roku device, visit our Support page here: How do I factory reset my Roku® streaming device?


Danny R.
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Re: Setting up a used roku from another person

Trying to set up my roku on a tv that is in a condo i bought. Wont let me do anything without the pin. I tried doing a factory reset as i found in this forum but guess what, you need the pin. I reset the pin on my roku on the roku site but that is not having any effect on my tv. I believe because the tv is not linked to MY roku.

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Re: Setting up a used roku from another person

Are you doing the factory reset from the menu (Settings->System->Advanced system settings->Factory reset) or using the reset button method?  If the former, the PIN you need to use is displayed on the screen.  If the latter, make sure you're holding in the reset button for no less than 30 seconds regardless of what's happening onscreen.

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