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Level 7

Selecting a search item

When I search, how do I "select" the item I have found. The instructions say to push the OK button. If I push the OK button, it just adds a letter in the upper left in the search box. I cannot find a way to select the highlighted item. For example, if I want to find Pandora, if I put pan in the search bar, Pandora comes up highlighted in the upper right. If I push OK, the letter I am on gets added to the search bar, changing the search. The is for a Roku Premiere.


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Level 18

Re: Selecting a search item

yeah its kinda screwy. ya  gotta press the right arrow to highlight the item and then press OK

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Level 21

Re: Selecting a search item

In your example, searching for Pandora, if it comes up after just pan, now you move away from keyboard and highlight the full name Pandora, and then hit OK. You don't keep cursor highlighting other letters. If you get a response to your search it should be listed along the right side of the screen, usually there are more then one result, you use the right cursor key to move right and pick the one you want. 

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