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Secure Access on Shared Wireless Network

I know someone taking a Roku to college. They use a shared network for all students in the dorm building. I don't know anything about the security of the wireless network other than it does require their student ID and personal password to connect. Once in, all students use "Student Wireless".

My fear is the network is wide open and all devices can see each other. So anyone on same network can use a mobile device remote app or stream videos to the Roku. Anyone know a way to allow specified devices to connect to Roku but block all others?

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Re: Secure Access on Shared Wireless Network

I just looked in the menu of my Premiere, and it appears that screen mirroring is the only one that has a prompt setting. So access for using the Roku app, or other device connects are simply on/off. However, it will depend on how the college WiFi is configured. If they are using an IP address range from within what are labeled as private IP addresses, then the Roku will be available to all, with no ability to control which device can or can't connect. You can only disable all access. But if they are using a public IP address range, then no device will be able to connect, regardless of the Roku setting. Also, it's possible the college runs a security setting that blocks connected devices from seeing each other. If that is enabled, it won't matter what IP address range is used, nothing will be able to connect to the Roku.

There is one workaround, and that is to set up a personal WiFi network specifically for that person. They use either a travel router or a Windows PC with both wired and wireless connections to act as a bridge to the college network. The personal network would only be accessed by the person who set it up, and anything connected to the personal network would be able to connect to the Roku, but nothing outside could reach it. I did this in a hotel I stayed at for four months. The Windows PC connected to the hotel WiFi, then the Ethernet jack had an access point and switch connected and it shared the hotel WiFi just for my devices. I bit of work to set up, but worked like a charm once done.


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Re: Secure Access on Shared Wireless Network

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