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Roku to DirecTV box

Unable to access back of TV due to installation height and weight but DirecTV box is accessible. Is there any way to make my Roku work thru the DirecTV box?

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Re: Roku to DirecTV box

No, if the directv box accepts a hdmi cable you can put a hdmi switch between the directv box and the tv, unplug the hdmi cable from the directv box attach it the hdmi output of the switch, now get two more hdmi cables one for the directv box and the other for roku and attach them to the hdmi input of the switch. Now they will share the same hmdi input on the tv.

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Re: Roku to DirecTV box

Not a GOOD way.

You could take the HDMI cord currently going from the Directv to the TV and set it up like this, with both Directv and Roku going through an HDMI switch to that single HDMI port on the TV:                           

            |      _________   
            |------| HDMI   |
                   |        |-------- TV HDMI PORT
            |------| SWITCH |
            |      |________|
ROKU -------|

You'd then have to use the HDMI switch to determine which one you would watch on that port at any given time.

I *SAID* it wasn't a GOOD solution, or a convenient one, but it will work.


[Edit]  HA!  Edmund beat me to it while I was screwing around trying to make a usable diagram.

[Edit #2] Well, nuts.  Diagram looks right on my desktop, but is all messed up on my tablet.  Probably REALLY sux on a phone.

[Edit #3]  Here's the diagram as a graphic:

Hook up diagramHook up diagram

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