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Roku stick not responding to remote

My Roku stick has quit responding to my remote.

Yes, I've unplugged the Roku, let it sit for a little while and plugged it back in.

Yes, I checked the batteries on the remote.  In fact, I tried three different remotes and the stick wouldn't respond to any of them.  However, the remotes work fine with an older Roku stick I had in a drawer.

The problem is the Roku stick. Q.E.D.

Any ideas on how to fix this?  The stick is less than two years old.  I expected it to last longer than that.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Roku stick not responding to remote


Thanks for the post.

We would recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting steps provided by our Support page here: How do I resolve problems with my Roku® enhanced "point-anywhere" remote?

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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