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Help getting started with Roku devices, including setup, connecting your device to your TV, linking a Roku device to your account at, adding channels, subscribing to services, and more.
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Roku in our 2nd home

I have a Roku Express account & it is set up in our primary home.  We recently purchased a vacation home.  We of course have a different wifi system in each home.  When we set up the New Roku express in our vacation home, do we set up another Roku Express account by using a different email?  We tried setting up the new Roku by signing Into Roku Account using the Email for our Primary home but it would not find the wifi in our vacation home.  Once we get the new Roku Express setup in the vacation home, I know we just download & signin to the streaming apps we have subscriptions to like Sling, Netflix & Prime. Just confused on the Roku Express setup at the vaca home 


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Re: Roku in our 2nd home

No, use the same email/Roku account.  I don't know what you mean by, "it would not find the wifi in our vacation home".  What wouldn't find the Wi-Fi in your vacation home?  The Express?  Are you at your vacation home trying to get the Express connected?

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Re: Roku in our 2nd home

You want to link the vacation remote to your same Roku account, as your channels and and any subscriptions-through-Roku are linked to that account.

If this is initial setup of a new Roku, it should walk you through the process.  If not, all you should need to do is connect it to the new wifi setup via Settings > Network > Set up connection.

 A couple of considerations:

  1. Roku models Express, Express+, Premiere, and Premiere+ cannot connect to the 5 GHz wifi band, only to the 2.4 GHz band.  If you have one of these models and a dual band router with both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, be sure the router's 2.4 GHz band is turned on.
  2. If linking a new Roku to your account: IMPORTANT!  Note, when you are directed to go to to link your new device, type it in very carefully and verify that you actually do go there.  Otherwise you can end up at a scammer's fake Roku site.  If you end up at ANY site (other than the that you'll get redirected to), back out and try again.
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