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Roku express+ setup with digital converter box

Roku Express +.  Trying to connect it via an analog to digital converter box using a composite cable.  Converter box is connected to tv, roku connected to converter box, but I cannot get any Roku screen toncome up on my tv.  I can't connect the Roku directly, because my TV won't accept all 3 of the composite cable ends (I know.....not explaining that well).  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance?

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Re: Roku express+ setup

been 20 years since i had a old tv and used RCA,so if i give misinformation...


you don't need all three.

one video and one audio for it to work.

in the tv menu,you need to change the input.

for even older tv's,tv channel 2 or 3,those may not have composite though.



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Re: Roku express+ setup with digital converter box

hello did anyone help you on this?  i happen to have the same problem.  i have a digital converter box and wish to use the roku plus express, but i am unsure how to do it.  the only thing i can think of is to plug the hdmi cable from the roku device on to the digital converter box..  

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Re: Roku express+ setup with digital converter box

@alb1964, you need to give us more information.  By "digital converter box" I assume you mean a box for receiving over the air (OTA) TV channels using an antenna.  If that box has an HDMI port on it it's most likely an output, so you can only connect it to a TV.  In general you need a TV with an HDMI input to use the current Roku products or you need a digital to analog converter between the Roku and the TV.

What's the make and model number of your TV?

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