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Roku express initial software update stalls at about 60%

I have a new Express model and it will not finish the initial software update.  It reaches about 50% in a minute, then slowly climbs for approximately 15min to about 58%. Then the update fails with the code 005.

I have it on a 2.4ghz wireless network (b/g/n, channel 11) with no password and a dedicated  SSID.  It has an IP and is active on the router side. 

I have also tried using my phone as a hotspot, and various other wireless networks.

The router and Roku (30s factory reset)  have both been restarted.

I am using the Roku power supply.

I have left it unplugged overnight to completely cool down.

Unless this is something really obscure, the issue is not my network. It must be the device or the update.  

Can I avoid the initial setup and see if the thing works at all, prior to updating?

Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot?


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Re: Roku express initial software update stalls at about 60%

It sounds like you've tried everything.  The hotspot trick usually works.  The only thing I could suggest is try the hotspot without your phone connected to your Wi-Fi so it's only using the phone network (it will be using your mobile data, if that's an issue).

Here's some more unhelpful information:


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Re: Roku express initial software update stalls at about 60%


When I tried to get the secret screen, nothing happens. I thought that might be dated info?

How sensitive is this process to bandwidth changes?  If the data slows to a trickle for a while does the software interpret that as a bad connection??

New info:

My phone was using wifi,  have a pay as you go wireless plan so I don't want to spend more for this if I can help it.  I tried it just to see if a different connection would make any difference.  Any idea how much data it takes to do the update?

It made it to 75% this morning. That's a new high, it took over an hour. I switched to a different HDMI port and changed my radio from b/g/n to b/g. I don't mind if it is slow, but I want it to finish!

I also got into the secret screen. I was using the purple arrows instead of the ffwd and rwd buttons.  As expected, it has an IP, etc. 

I plan to try it again early tomorrow morning. Maybe there's a load issue somewhere.

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Roku Employee

Re: Roku express initial software update stalls at about 60%


Thanks for the information.

Please send me a PM with your Roku account email address, and include the serial number on the Roku device. I'll be able to assist you further from there.



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Re: Roku express initial software update stalls at about 60%

It finally updated after at least 10 attempts over many days.  I stopped changing things and just tried it over and over.  Many times it would reach 98% and then restart like it was complete, only to go back to the initialization screen.

I don't think anything specific on my end made it work and doing all these didn't result in immediate success.

1. Setup a dedicated 2.4 gHz b/g only network with no password

2. Used the Roku power supply

3. Plugged it into a spare computer monitor

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