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Roku express hook up qestion

I got my first roku. I know i can power it by hooking it up to the usb on the TV or connecting it to the charging adapter that came with it. If I don't use the roku everyday is it bad to hook it up to the usb on the tv since each time I turn the tv on and off the roku will power up and shut down. Thanks for any tips.

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Re: Roku express hook up qestion

Roku gets its updates during downtime. That's usually overnight, when no one is using it. That can't happen if there is no power to the device. That means you may not receive updates unless you manually check for them.

The other thing is that you do have to wait for the Roku to boot. Now, the boot time for the current line of Roku devices is a lot shorter than it used to be, so this might not be that big of a deal.
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