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Roku Ultra mounted behind TV

I have a litte Roku TV in my office, and now I'm considering a Roku Ultra for our main TV to take advantage of the Ethernet connection. Because of our cabling setup, we will want to mount the Ultra behind the TV like people do with cable boxes nowadays. 

Two potential issues that spring to mind are:
1) Heat
2) WiFi interference issues from the RF remote 

If anyone has tried behind-the-TV mounting of an Ultra, can you please tell me how it has worked out? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Roku Ultra mounted behind TV

I know people that have their ultra mounted on the back of the TV and even one that has his mounted in another room and the output is run to their TV via a 50 ft HDMI cable. But you are correct interference can be a problem. My suggestion is to test it and see if it works for you. Also the exact place behind the TV can make a huge difference.

I have another friend that was having HUGE problems with both wireless streaming and the remote control. He moved his Roku from the left side of the TV (It is mounted on the back) to the right side and has had zero problems since. He tested by moving it back and the problems reappeared.

Really I strongly suggest that you run your Roku wired for streaming. That would be one less thing to worry about.
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Re: Roku Ultra mounted behind TV

I have my Ultra mounted within a cabinet that also contains my AVR. It has a WiFi access point within inches of it (although I have the Ultra wired) and I have no issues using the remote. Unless your TV itself emits a lot of heat, I wouldn't think the Ultra would have a problem. As long as it's not completely shielded from any air flow. It doesn't contain a fan, so it does rely on radiant cooling to the surrounding air. But there's little air flow within my cabinet, and I've never had an overheating issue. It does sit on a shelf about 16" above my AVR, so that heat doesn't really impact it. 
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Re: Roku Ultra mounted behind TV

Thanks for the insights! 
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Re: Roku Ultra mounted behind TV

Are you aware a mounting system for the Roku Ultra is available via a third party company?  Here is the Amazon link to it's page:

I bought one just a few months ago from Amazon.  The TotalMount was inexpensive at well under 20 dollars, shipped very quickly, offered 3 ways or options for mounting the Ultra, had all it's parts, very easy to use, and works great!  I had a question about the product and contacted the company directly.  My question was dealt with just as quickly.  Do consider one for your own set-up at your house!
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