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Roku Ultra in Canada

Currently have a Roku 3 that I use primarily to stream from a Plex server elsewhere in the house. The only other feature / channels I use are YouTube, NetFlix, Prime Video, and the internal media player that I use to play files off a USB stick

I am getting more and more x265 encoded media, and the Roku 3 can't handle it - so it won't play from the USB drive and the Plex server needs to transcode down to x264.

As Roku Canada no longer offers any STB with a USB input, my only option to upgrade would be to get a Roku Ultra (4670) from the US, which I understand can play x265 media

I don't care about Hulu or any other of the US only channels that may not work in Canada, but I do want to ensure that the Ultra will work otherwise. Will the Prime Video and Netflix channels work? Any issues with anything else that anyone is aware of?

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