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Roku In Europe

Hi, so unfortunately i am unable to use my device cerrectly, i dont have many channels and i wasn’t able to find relevant information on the internet yet.

I live in Hungary, and most of the channels are not avalible, is it becouse of the region or the account? I would like to have a couple more channels than youtube netflix and spotify.

If somebody could help me please Post a comment below, thank you for your help

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Re: Roku In Europe

Yes, it is because of your region and/or account registration location.

A Roku device will work anywhere in the world with a proper power and HDMI connection. However, many (most) channels are restricted by geographical region/country. Roku themselves has no control over that. The channel provider configures the channel for where it can be used. And if your Roku user account was created in a country other than your current location, that messes things up even more.

The user account must be created in the same location as the Roku is in. For example, if your account was created in France, but you're now in Hungary, You won't have access to French channels because you aren't in that location, and you won't have any Hungarian specific channels because your account was created in France. 

And finally, it's entirely possible that there are few channels available in Hungary, and there's no way around that. 


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Re: Roku In Europe

Just sharing my experience 

I just bought the Stick +. I live in Portugal. 

The American channels will not be available (to be expected) 

HBO and Disney+ are not available in the store channel as of 12.dec.2020. And even if you have the APPs installed in your smartphone (iOS or Android) you can't Cast the content to your TV. It won't recognize Roku as a cast device. 

Also, the official Roku APP it's not available in any smartphone store (here in Portugal) 

YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Apple TV do work perfectly.