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Roku Express+ to Component Input


I have an old plasma TV with component inputs (Red, Green, Blue, plus Red, White for audio). I have a Roku Express+ that works via composite video (Yellow+R+W).

I would like to connect using the HDMI through an HDMI to component converter as the composite video is not very good resolution. When I attempt to connect through the converter I get a Roku screen with bouncing (dancing?) letters and then the screen goes black. Does anybody know of a cause or fix for this?

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Re: Roku Express+ to Component Input

Problem solved - used reset button on Roku. During the restart I manually selected 720P for the screen resolution, the max that the screen is capable of. My guess is that it was trying to display 1080i, which is what the auto screen selection recommended, probably based on the HDMI>component converter capability.

Works like a champ now...good luck and hope this is helpful for someone in the future!
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