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Roku Express on old RCA TV

I have an old RCA 52" TV, Model P52939 That I tried to set-up the Roku Express streaming player.  I have gone through all the steps, but my TV does not recognize the device.  Since it is an old model I had to use a RCA adapter to get a HDMI signal.  However, when I access the input screen, it shows VID 1 and 2 but no HDMI reference and the error message says unusable signal.  How do I get the tv to read the Roku device?

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Re: Roku Express on old RCA TV

Maybe I'm misunderstanding but I I think you're using a converter because the TV doesn't know what HDMI is.  (So the TV won't say anything about HDMI.)

The questions of course are: does the HDMI-composite (I assume) converter work and does it go in the direction you need.  (Some are only one way and the cheap ones don't even do any signal conversion - they just make a physical conversion because there are a few devices that can be configured to put analog composite video on an HDMI connector.)

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