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Roku Express Aspect Ratio Issue

I have very recently purchased a Roku Express with the sole purpose of using the Plex app to be able to watch content from my cloud server after my ‘smart TV’ became very dumb, and the app stopped working.

The issue I have is that every video I try and watch from my server is being played back in roughly a 4:3 aspect ratio rather than the 16:9 ratio it has been recorded in [I know the recordings are correct as I have not had any issues historically and they appear correct on other devices such as my computer]. From what I can tell, the 4:3 image I am seeing is a squashed version of the original 16:9 recording.  All the Roku & Plex menus appear correctly on my TV screen, it is only when I am actually playing a video that I experience this issue.

I have found some similar issues posed on this forum however nothing I have tried [as members have suggested on those posts] has worked. I have tried both a direct connection to my Samsung TV and through my Onkyo AV Reciever along with changing my ‘display type settings’ and turning it off & on again.


Details of my device as follows:

Model: 3900E- Roku Express

Software Version: 9.2.0 – Build 4806-51


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Roku Express Aspect Ratio Issue

Did you ever find a fix? I just started having this problem today on a Roku Express that is only 1 year and 1 month old, and I'm pretty peeved. Looked through all other threads, and nobody seems to have found a permanent fix on other versions of Roku. Seems like one this glitch starts, it always comes back. 

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