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Roku 3400x question

I have a 3400x streaming stick that I would like to use on an older HDTV without a HDMI mhl type input. Is there anyway to adapt a 3400x to a regular HDMI input?


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Re: Roku 3400x question

I got one of these from ebay (store is e*train in California): ViewHD Advanced MHL & HDMI 3x1 Auto Powered Switch

It works fine. Now I need a remote and I don't want to pay $30 for one from Roku.
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Re: Roku 3400x question


In that regards, I think you are out of luck. None of the Roku stick models use or have IR ports so you have no choice but to buy the proper wifi or bt remote. If this was any other box type you could buy an inexpensive RCA remote with Roku code for like $9.00 but I don't think universal remotes work with any stick model. Sorry to give you bad news.

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Re: Roku 3400x question


   Best would be to use a TV/Device with an mhl port. Complete TV/Device list at

   Else, I got mine working with an 'mhl to hdmi' switch and my android smartphone with the ROku app for the remote. However, I used also a ROku 3 remote with pairing button for the initial Wifi setup.

  The method: Plug your Roku stick to one of the MHL port of your switch and the switch to the TV hdmi port. Power everything. While the Roku stick is still flashing and while also it's displaying the language-setup menu on the TV, press the pairing button. It's hidden under the battery cover of the Roku3 remote. From there, you should be able to do the initial setup, including the Wifi configuration. Rest is only to setup your Roku remote app on your cell phone and Voila, enjoy the view! 

  The mhl switch box are 10 or 15$. I'm not sure how much ROku3 wifi remote worth, but counting the 3400x is not the latest and greatest tech, the whole set might not worth it compared to another Roku >=3 device. Maybe you know a friend with a Roku device or a place to rent them, that's part of the challenge. Maybe use both (the 3400x stick and the Roku 3) on 2 TVs? Up to you.
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