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Roku 3 Stuck on Startup Screen

I am new to fhis forum.  This may have been answered by now.  However, I found a solution to not being able to get past the dancing roku screen.  A little back ground info.  My electrical power flickered and went off last night.  I think in doing so it did something to the Roku.  After rebooting by removing all cables, power, etc and also holding down the reset button on the device and on the remote nothing worked.  Then I thought about the microsd card.  I took out the microsd card from the roku and put it into my smart phone.  The smart phone said the card was corruped.  I had the phone reformat the card.  I then put the card back into the Roku.  Roku reformatted the card for its use.  I then connected power, etc.  The Roku powered up and booted up normally.  Try reformatting your microsd card to see if this fixes your problem too.

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