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Remote won't pair and screen locked

First of all, posting on a bb instead of having a live phone number is pretty rotten service


I have TWO Roku sticks.  Both lock on the home screen and won't let me move between applications. When I do a reset on BOTH they go to the "pair remote" screen. When I put new batteries in BOTH remotes, BOTH sticks stay locked on the "pair remote" screen.   When I pr4ess the pair button on BOTH remotes, neither paid with the device and neither show the blinking lights to confirm pairing.   

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Remote won't pair and screen locked

Hi @GRollans,

Thanks for the post. 

When pairing the remote to your Roku device, it is critical to follow the proper order to make sure it will be executed effectively.

For clarification, have you accurately followed the pairing instructions and other troubleshooting steps available on this FAQ link: How do I resolve issues with my Roku® voice remote? For Roku sticks, since they can be connected directly to an HDMI port on your TV, wireless interference from the HDMI connector may impact the performance of your remote. You can try ordering here a free HDMI Extender.

Moreover, you can use the Roku mobile app as a remote to isolate the cause of the problem and so you can still navigate on your Roku interface while the physical remote is not working. To learn how it works, click here.

Please keep us posted and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


All the best,

Kariza D.
Roku Forum Moderator
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