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Reconnecting ROKU stick using HDMI splitter

I needed to add and HDMI splitter to my Viziio TV because I added a soundbar and ran out of HDMI ports. Now I can't seem to reconnect the Roku because the TV remote doesn't recognize the added ports.

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Level 15

Re: Reconnecting ROKU stick using HDMI splitter

When you say "splitter" I think of something meant to go the other way.  Ie: one source to two outputs.  If you're out of input ports, then you need a switch (or go all out and get an AV receiver).

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Level 21

Re: Reconnecting ROKU stick using HDMI splitter

Also, the TV won't recognize that you've added more ports.  You select the HDMI input that the switch is connected to and then use the switch (it should have a button on it and/or a remote) to choose the device that's connected to the switch.

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