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Recommendations to connect Roku to Projector

I am trying to set up a system with the following components and want to keep remotes as simple as possible (and pass as much as I can via Roku Ultra remote). 

I have a ceiling mounted Epson 2150 that I need to connect the following items to:

Roku Ultra

Nintendo Switch 

Blue-ray player

maybe future items: digital antenna for over air channels, Xbox, my turntable


all of these items would be positioned below the screen and I have a pvc system set up to direct cables to the projector. I will have a box built into ceiling (with a ceiling lid to conceal) where all cables will be joined. I also have pvc tubes that direct to wall outlets at both side points aligned with projector in case we want a future configuration. I want to have a simple sound system (maybe Soundbar and two rear speakers or one sub) that I can ideally control from the Roku ultra remote.  

if anyone thinks this setup will work or has suggestions let me know. I am not looking to spend a fortune and am trying to keep this kid friendly which is why I want as much as I can to route through the Roku Ultra remote