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Receiving error code 005 although internet and router are perfect

I purchased a Roku Express through Amazon and am trying to setup but cant get past the initial setup software update install because its stating somethings wrong with the network whern it intially gives me all green check marks as I start the set up process then I get the error code 005. I even brought the express out of the bedroom into the living room where my roku ultra sits and works perfectly and it still does the same and its literally **bleep** up against the router. I have restarted the Express I have restarted the router I have used the 2 different entry points on my router and it still wont install the update so I can get into this Express so I assume I will need to return thi9s to Amazon(big hassle). Any Ideas?? 

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Receiving error code 005 although internet and router are perfect


Thanks for the inquiry.

That error code typically shows when there is an issue during the software update. 

We recommend rebooting both your wireless router and your Roku device. Alternately, I'd also recommend trying to connect your device to an alternate network or mobile hotspot. If you are able to connect without issue, this usually indicates an issue with your network or password. In that case, you might also try changing your network password to see if that resolves the connection issue. 

For more information about that error code and steps to resolve the issue, visit our Support page here: What should I do if my Roku® device is unable to update software?

Keep us posted with what you find out. 


Danny R.
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Re: Receiving error code 005 although internet and router are perfect

So basically it’s up to me and the “community” to resolve a technical difficulty I’m having with error code 005. There is no human being to assist me. I wished I would have known this prior to purchasing the Roku device. Maybe the “Community” could have help me pay for it.

Well played Roku. 

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Re: Receiving error code 005 although internet and router are perfect

Yeah, the Express models come with absolutely no support other than the website and this community.  I don't know if that's stated anywhere in/on the package.  If you can't get past the initial download, some people have had success using their phone as a hotspot and connecting to that just to get past this point.


Good luck!


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