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Problems with new Roku - Faulty perhaps?

I purchased a Roku Streaming Stick in December as a gift for my father.  He used the Roku throughout January, mostly with Netflix, without problem.  However, a few days ago, he began having problems streaming Netflix.  I drove over to help him work it out today.  The problem is that the Roku locks up when selecting Netflix from the Main Menu - it gives the Netflix splash screen then freezes.  We waited for about 20 minutes with no change.  I tested other channels and had success, although I did get kicked off a few due to connection problems.  Also, the menus and all other channels are clearly slower than they were before the problems started.

Trying to get Netflix to work, I tried the following, with no change from any of them:

1.  Restarted the Roku from the settings menu.
2. Deleted and reinstalled the Netflix channel.
3.  Unplugged the Roku completely (power and HDMI), set it aside for about 5 min, then plugged it back in. 
4.  Performed a reset to factory default.

After the reset to factory default, I now have problems with the wireless connection.  I set up the connection again, and it immediately fails.  For example, I go into the wireless setup, choose the network, put in the password, and the Roku automatically tests the signal and indicates that it works.  If I IMMEDIATELY go to "check the network", it fails and I have to reestablish the wireless.    The wireless problem is almost certainly NOT the result of a faulty router because: 

1. The wifi router is about 15 feet from the roku.
2. Other wireless devices connected to the router, like iPad, laptop, etc. all work fine with the router.
3. I had a spare wifi router handy that I used to test the connection, and the Roku still failed to maintain the wireless. 
4. My parents live in a rural area - there are no other wifi signals within at least a mile that could interfere.  I made sure all cell phone hotspots were off while testing.
5. I attempted selected wifi channels rather than allowing the router to choose via auto select.

I'm kind of at the end of my rope. The only conclusion I have left is that the Roku hardware went bad since everything else seems to be working fine, but I'm open to suggestions.

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Re: Problems with new Roku - Faulty perhaps?

You've done all that's possible, if it's still having problems and within the return window I'd suggest to go ahead and return it, just for future reference, if you're having problems with a channel you should delete, reboot and then reinstall, just mentioning it because it wasn't clear if you did that here (although it shouldn't matter since you did a factory reset).

edit - I'd forgotten about this, might be worth a try.
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