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Power off completely to Roku Ultra using Power strip?

I have my Roku Ultra box connected to a power strip that has an on / off switch.

With roku source chosen on my TV for viewing movies, etc., when done, I press the home button on roku, then the power button on the remote or TV which turns the TV off. 
Then I turn the power strip off which only Roku is plugged into.  When I want to watch Roku on TV, I have to turn that switch back on of the power strip first.

My question is: Am I doing any harm to Roku by switching the power off and on at the power strip to Roku? Is Roku already off, or still on at low key?

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Re: Power off completely to Roku Ultra using Power strip?

Doing any harm? No. If you leave the Roku powered on at all times, it uses very little power unless you're streaming. Also, if it's powered on it will self update overnight daily. But if you turn the power strip off, then the Roku is completely off and consuming no power at all.

The most significant thing is you have to wait for the Roku to fully boot up before you can watch anything. If that slight delay doesn't bother you, then continue what you're doing. You won't hurt it. 

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Re: Power off completely to Roku Ultra using Power strip?

THANK you so much!

I was worried if there would be like a jolt or something to shorten the life of Roku box in the process of doing so each time.

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